Desi se lauda ca apara interesele utilizatorilor, zilele trecute s-a discutat aprins despre Google si dominatia mondiala in zona de internet-ads.

Focul a izbucnit pe bloggul lui Matt Cutts, dupa ce a dat un exemplu de link ascuns, a continuat prin a atentiona asupra acestor practici de a fura utilizatorul … a concluzionat: Google is going to be looking at paid links more closely in the future!

Federal Trade Commission has said:

The petition to us did raise a question about compliance with the FTC act,” said Mary K. Engle, FTC associate director for advertising practices. “We wanted to make clear . . . if you’re being paid, you should disclose that.

Reactiile nu au incetat sa apara:

Although Google’s links do not pass PageRank to the websites that are in their index or paid listings, we have to ask ourselves one thing. Would Google be willing to take a step that would reduce the market value of their own links by 80%? They certainly would not do anything that would cut their own bottom line that deeply, yet they are asking webmasters to do just that.

This is the reason people are teed off at Google. At least 80% of the market value of a link is driven by the PageRank value of the web page where the link will be placed.

Dishonest people don’t care to play by the rules; they will continue to sell their PageRank value, as long as they continue to have buyers. Only the honest will suffer.

“Google is still indexing those lolita preteen results, ranks all these .edu ringtone pages, and lets not forget that Google continues to deliver AdSense ads on sites they banned for being spam. If Google doesn’t CLEARLY mark their own paid links, encourages publishers to blend them into content, and doesn’t police their own network, why do they think they have the right to police other sites?” (from

“The Web Doesn’t Want to be Controlled Sure Google likes link baiting today, but that is the next paid link. Google is backing themselves into a corner, destroying each signal of quality they once trusted, until one day the web is a piece of junk or Google is no longer relevant.” (from

Cat de activi devin toti cand e vorba de bani adevarati … 😉

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